Thursday, April 29, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
He is my goddess. Totally in love with him.
♥ひヵる, my love♥

Hello! I'm back again! This time with photos from the first week of Year 2 at Singapore Polytechnic! The first two weeks of poly has been really hectic, tiring and not to mention confusing. Class has been really tough so far. I guess I need to up my game again this semester but I'm sure the Marist blood which runs within me will prevail against all odds. Prepared for CCA drive(which is currently on-going, tomorrow is the last day) with FCC and JCC. Got roped in for golf as well. Manned the golf booth on Wednesday with Graeme. It was kind of a slow day(its golf, how many people do you expect to join 200?) so I stared at pictures of Jessica from Iplehouse to reinforce my will to save enough money to buy her. Classes are mostly aircraft-related now. Aircraft Structures and Repairs, Aircraft Maintenance Practice, Aircraft Electronics and Instrumentation Systems and CATIA. The others are common modules which I guess the other courses in the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering take as well. Its really sad though, but our class got divided. Reuben, Wei Nan and Chin Kang got moved to class 26 but otherwise the rest of the class are all still together. This semester's lecturers are pretty nice except for one who is totally anal. Pretty much sums up what I'm doing now. Looking for a job too. I need to supplement my spendings and saving to buy my doll and camera lenses. So this is a wrap for now, see you in the next blog post!

Now for some more 'artistic' shots.

P.S. I really do love ひヵる. I love him with all my heart. If you are a homophobe or something similar please don't complain or anything if you still want to be friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Jyou from exist†trace.
She is totally love. So beautiful and so talented.
I love her singing and how she looks.

Hello again! First week of being a year two is coming to a close. Tomorrow's lesson includes Computer-Aided Drafting(DARE) and a Aircraft Maintenance Practice extra lesson. JCC meeting after that and a RunSnipe meeting after the JCC meeting. I have a feeling tomorrow will be tiring. Anyway, the past week has been confusing. The lessons are confusing, I have no idea what I have to do and the weather is horrible. Will post photos of the first week as soon as I get my card reader back. Going to leave you here first, will blog again in two or three days.

Friday, April 16, 2010


exist†trace from Funeral Bouquet
L-R: Miko, Naoto, Jyou, Omi and Mally
Jyou is so damn beautiful. Plus her voice is awesome. Ultimate combination.

Okay, so basically the past week involved alot of 'cooking'. Why cooking? The reason lies in the barbeque I organized. There was alot of left over food. Cleared half of the chicken thighs, all the basa fish and some sausages. I made fried fish from the fish fillets with a little batter. does anyone want to try some? My parents are back from Shanghai. They bought me two pairs of shoes to replace my current pair which are probably in simple terms, worn.

1st pair

Huggy and Arial are curious~

2nd pair

Arial trying on my new shoes.

Currently preparing my photos for submission for SYPA 2010. Will post the finalized photos later. Right now its back to work so I'll see you all soon.

Listening to: exist†trace - JUDEA

Saturday, April 10, 2010


ひヵる(Hikaru) from ダウト(D=OUT)
Oh my god, he looks so sexy. I want him now.
Look at his eyes! Do want! SEXY!
Totally love his hair too.

Ah, today was another long day. Inclusive of yesterday, I am one very, very tired "Uncle Choo". Yesterday had a mass CCA meeting where they were discussing the CCA showcase and clubroom discussion. Represented SPFCC together with Unker, Alvin and Elaine. Alvin left half-way due to ITP and therefore it was reduced to Unker, Elaine and myself. We had to vote on the future of the foodcourt 3 clubhouse area so we voted for the open cubicle concept. Yes, clubrooms of the future will be cubicles. How sad. Stayed in the clubroom for abit and watched Qubic conduct an oragami workshop. Took the 6 kilos of charcoal in the clubroom. And so why was I taking charcoal home? Well, we had a cookout at my house. Billy and Ryan were late to buy the food. Lots of food for the party. Met the two at 4p.m. and off we went shopping for the food. Bought chicken, pork, sausages, sweetcorn, et cetra et cetra. As we shopped, Graeme and Darren joined us and helped us. Went to pay for the stuff, total bill was $120. I paid $50 and Darren paid the rest. As we were leaving, Eileen joined us for the festivities. She helped us move the stuff over to my house. We did the preparation for the cookout. Jamie arrived sometime later and she 'helped' in the preparations. Darrell and Mikan came next. Got Darrell to move the car out of the porch. Darren took a ride in the car, he seemed to enjoy it. Both Darren and Darrell. So the party continued. Massive thanks to everyone for coming and helping clean up. Thank you all. Slept and went golf today at Marina Bay. The greens were really tough. My drive was to the right and my short game was lousy. I need more practice. I'm going to sleep now. Really tired. Good bye for now, will blog again soon. Promise.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Its time to clear up some of the past month's events but first, a recap of the easter weekend. Friday was relax in the morning, emergency JCC meeting in the afternoon and drinking party at Keith's place in the evening. Saturday was chore day in the morning. Went to velocity to eat ramen for lunch. Ramen monster is not nice. The soup base is horrid and the char siew is hard and dry. I give it a rating of poor. Sunday was basically watching the 2010 Petronas Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix and eating.

Ramen Monster

Shop decor

Monster Ramen. The thing was big but not tasty.

Sleeping kitty

Same kitty, chilling at the drinks stall.
Moving on to some of my recent shoots, firstly the Jamie shoot. Jamie was our willing model for this shoot and so here we go!

Decoration at the esplanade



Flowers along the roof of the esplanade.


Advertising for Tourism Singapore.

More flowers.

Visit Singapore 2010~

Next, we went for a Doggie photoshoot. We helped a Clubsnapper do a photoshoot for her chihuahua as well as fill our portfolio. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

And finally, a very random shot which I find very beautiful.

Knight of the roses.