Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm back from SPJCC camp and ITS FRIGGIN' AWESOME! HELL YEAH! LOLICONS WE ROCK! Totally had fun doing weird things, listening to anime song under then moonlight and pretending to eat ramen when it was really maggi mee. Acting out a L4D parody skit, going for amazing race building straw towers, folding origami, seeing chadou(Japanese tea ceremony), waking up damn early after a long night to see the sunrise. Oh the shenanigans we conjured. Anyway, a quick rundown of my group members. 1st is Hui Xian, our group's battery, without her, we would all be half-dead.2nd is Eileen well, i didn't talk to her much but i thought she wuz cool.3rd is Luca, I met her last year at the cosplay challange but didn't get to know her much, but i get to know her better from the camp, she's awesome as a witch haha(she's also the resident moe char)XDD. 4th was Ryan and he was the group's hero type guy haha and no. 5 is Delvin, the quiet but the one you can count on(Yuki-chan)Lastly is Darren, Biily's classmate and known to us as the cooler darren.And there were out facils MiMi, YuYu, AiAi and Haizul. What can I say except that they are cool.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hell YEAH!

Ok, now I am now blogging in OC class LOL. Hamster(name changed to protect the identity) just showed me a zhao geng. Wah damn swee lah! Anyway, I did a damn load of projects in these few weeks and I had nothing much to talk about anyway LOL! Anyway, I would like to welcome a new addition to my family of NERF guns, the Vulcan EBF-25 christened Fiama the Vindicator along with my baby Longshot CS-6, the Aqua Maiden Arin! I will be painting the Aqua Maiden over the holidayz and my target is for 5kg weight loss. Anything more whould be nice! And finally the link for the EX Spring Cleaning video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0kfHesknTw