Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updating because I need too.

Well like YAY! Life since my last post wasn't too bad, I'm beginning to warm up to my class and i just discovered there is a DVD pirate in my class! Anyway, I attempted a extended barrel modification on my Longshot CS-6 and it has it pros and cons. While it did improve the consistency of my shot and none of my shots went fish-tailing but my range reduced probably 20-30%, so I took it off. Will probably use it for cosmetic purposes only. Other than that my week is going okay and I can't wait for CCA to start. SPJCC and SP student golf!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Life is Jia Qing's blood.

Ok! Time to recap all the things I have done within the past few day. By the way, sorry for the long delay between posts. I haven't felt the urge to post anything much. Ok, we shall begin from today and work backwards. Today, I went to school for 2 hours for electronics lecture. Damn sian. Then went home and slack then went for a blood test. Sigh, I'm not afraid of needles, I just don't like them poking in me. Moving on, yesterday was another NERF war, this time in urban environment, at a church! It was really fun and the turnout was amazing. Then from Wednesday to Friday, we have our CCA maze. I have joined my friend, h0rse, in SPJCC(Singapore Polytechnic Japanese Culture Club) and Singapore Polytechnic Student Golfers. Graeme is going to drag me into Paintball. Well thats it for now. Now for some PICTURES! GUNS!

alot more guns!