Monday, May 24, 2010


Jyou from exist†trace
She is one of the few awesome rocker chicks.
I love this look of hers. Gothic and sexy.
exist†trace are all awesome! All loves.

This update should have been done over the weekend but alas I didn't do it. Anyway I hope its better late than never and thus lets begin the trip! Firstly, I begin with Darrell's sister birthday. Happy 10th birthday Denyse! Met up with Darrell at Takashimaya to buy Denyse a present! Got her 2 plushies a dog and a squirrel. Both were TY beanies! Darrell then needed to change some cash back to Singapore Dollars so we went over to Lucky Plaza. Looked around for the best rate and then proceeded to get some food. Darrell then had a sugar craving then thus lead us in the search for something sweet while waiting for Kenneth who was meeting us before going over to Darrell's pad. Our search ended at basement 2 of Takashimaya where we entertained ourselves with a myriad of Japanese desserts. Kenneth later joined us for a sweet treat.

Mixed Fruits Amitsu!

Fire for effect!

Happy Birthday to you!

Denyse and her peeps.

Birthday girl cutting the cake~

Out of TOTAL boredom, these two shots appeared.

Next, we celebrated Mimi, Yuyu and Alif's Graduation! Took this opportunity to practice some night event photography, played with my flash and basically enjoyed the joyous atmosphere of this wonderful occasion. The free food also was awesome to have.

Alif, Mimi and Yuyu! Congratulation!

Mimi and family.

Mimi and food!

Mimi and Alif.

Alif and family.

Next we had a golf outing where we met our juniors! Basically its like a freshmen meet except at the driving range, hit a few balls, chatted with some of the freshmen and after that, we went to vivocity for dinner. Took more pictures and had fun. Oh before this we had the JCC freshmen meet! Had a handing over ceremony which included a hand washing ceremony, no pictures though but we met Hui Ning, Rui Ying, Hui Li and h0rse! It was awesome!

Anthony! Our ex-president.

Benjamin! Our current president!


Graeme 'The Chink' Ching

Lastly, Darrell and Justin's Graduation! Went for more free food. As usual except this time, Murray, Marcus, Zhi Jie and some more joined. Went to snap a few quick shots of the graduates. After the food, we went to JCC clubroom where the celebrations continued!

Darrell and family.

Best shot ever. Looks like something straight from a spy film.

Real men take curry, not smokes.

Mad delinquents.

Anyway, this is the end of this post! More to come soon. I need to sleep or else I can't wake up tomorrow. School is awesome.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
So sexy, so sexy!
He's wearing a yukata!
Loves his hair, clothes, face, etc etc.

Basically this blogpost is to remind me what I have to blog in the coming weekend.
1-Darrell's sister, Denyse's Birthday.
2-Mimi's, Hui Ning's, h0rse's, Darrell's(If I can make it) Graduations!
4-Golf's Orientation
5-Navy Open House

As of now, the pictures for 1 and 2 are complete! *cheers* Get ready for a massive photo swamp in the next post!

Really tried now. I hate Blackboard Quizzes. Totally redundant. Got a 4/10 for today's Engineering Mathematics II Quiz. Whatever. Not going to stop me from achieving my goals although I have to work a little harder now. Anyway, I got to sleep now or else I can't wake up tomorrow. Good night people! Stay tuned for the next post!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
ひヵる is watching you~
Hugs and kisses to my sexy lover.

I think I'm going crazy. I feel as if I'm about to crack. However, I promised myself I would see this through. I'm am going to have things go my way. I will not fail, I will not be denied of my ultimate glory. Been quite busy recently with all my work. School work, CCA activities,, RunSnipe and so on. My only consolation is my beloved Hikaru-sama. Looking at him makes me feel much better and more relaxed. I really don't know why when I tell people I like Hikaru-sama, they instantly get the impression of gay sex which is really irrelevant. I mean can't I have a romantic friendship? Does it mean when 2 guys get together, they must conduct a ritual of anal sex? I mean, if you think this way, you're obviously VERY shallow. Two people don't need to have sex to be in a relationship unless they are looking for a sexual relationship. Anyway, I just don't see why people like to question me about Hikaru-sama, like its a crime to like someone. If you can't love someone, don't disrupt me loving someone. Anyway, enough with the ranting. time to recap on some interesting events. So golf shall be today's topic. Since the commencement of my handicap lessons, I think I'm roughly halfway through the lessons. Will be getting my handicap as soon as I start playing on the course(Yeah, like I have the time and money to do so.). Been revising the basics, touching up on my swing so on and so forth so hopefully, I will be playing for Singapore Polytechnic. To end this post, why not some photos yeah?


SPGC's Promo Shot

Rae! Club Secretary!

Benjamin! Club President!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
I love taking his camwhore pictures off his blog.
He's just so beautiful. I want to kiss and hug him because he's just too sexy.
Jamie says he looks fat. I say he's too small.

And so the second and third week of school have come and gone. Yesterday, the rashness of youth once again overtook my sanity. Went to a FCC bonding event, with Samantha, Zakie, Billy, Darren, Unker, Peter, Alvin and Jasper, in which we watched the two biggest movies showing in cinemas now. Iron Man 2 followed by Ip Man 2. Right now I'm totally shagged but I'm still blogging which I have no idea why as well. Yeah we spent our time telling stupid jokes while waiting for the movie to start. Apparently, Samantha is easily amused by Singapore jokes. Enjoyed both movies although both could have been better, but nevertheless they still were impressive. Had hotcakes after Ip Man 2 at the small McDonald's cafe outside the Heeren. If you dine there, food is delivered up there from their main outlet below. Sweet. Went home with Jasper on 143. Literally fell asleep on the bus and woke up just before my stop. Talk about lucky... Anyway, the next pictures will be from our trip to Akibanana to drink beer and photo walk/shoot. Its OK to critique because only through your comments can my photos improve!

At Akibanana.

Lonely streets.

RunSnipe Team.

Panning with my EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. No stabilizer.

Last shot.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Asa from Iplehouse.
My latest dollfie crush. She looks so sophisticated and elegant.
However, I still want Jessica first and foremost!

Life is tiring. Really tiring. Lots of homework, club work and I need to find a job to sustain my expensive hobbies. I wish I can sell the random stuff in my room and else where around my house but no one seems to be interested in them. Anyway, more new items will be up soon so please visit the marketplace of Astrea for more good deals. Prices are not fixed by the way so if you welcome to ask for a better price. I still have to call the photo studio about the part-time job. Life can be so busy sometimes I wish I could be like Sakuya and stop or slow time down so that I can complete all the tasks to the best of my ability. I really need time to rest. I want pancakes too. Strange how I felt so sick of pancakes just 2 days ago and now I'm craving for McDonald's fresh hot pancakes. Anyway will post again soon, I hope to hit 12 blog posts this month so you can expect more from me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


幸樹 from ダウト
He's so sexy, you can't help falling into his trap~
Still love my baby more.
Loves to ひヵる

We were all young and stupid, all of us were. We do reckless things, we push the limits, we defy authority, we do everything we are told not to. Today, once again, I have did something stupid and reckless. Pancake eating competition. NOT a good idea. Need to burn calories now. Will blog tomorrow. Got to sleep for school tomorrow.