Monday, May 24, 2010


Jyou from exist†trace
She is one of the few awesome rocker chicks.
I love this look of hers. Gothic and sexy.
exist†trace are all awesome! All loves.

This update should have been done over the weekend but alas I didn't do it. Anyway I hope its better late than never and thus lets begin the trip! Firstly, I begin with Darrell's sister birthday. Happy 10th birthday Denyse! Met up with Darrell at Takashimaya to buy Denyse a present! Got her 2 plushies a dog and a squirrel. Both were TY beanies! Darrell then needed to change some cash back to Singapore Dollars so we went over to Lucky Plaza. Looked around for the best rate and then proceeded to get some food. Darrell then had a sugar craving then thus lead us in the search for something sweet while waiting for Kenneth who was meeting us before going over to Darrell's pad. Our search ended at basement 2 of Takashimaya where we entertained ourselves with a myriad of Japanese desserts. Kenneth later joined us for a sweet treat.

Mixed Fruits Amitsu!

Fire for effect!

Happy Birthday to you!

Denyse and her peeps.

Birthday girl cutting the cake~

Out of TOTAL boredom, these two shots appeared.

Next, we celebrated Mimi, Yuyu and Alif's Graduation! Took this opportunity to practice some night event photography, played with my flash and basically enjoyed the joyous atmosphere of this wonderful occasion. The free food also was awesome to have.

Alif, Mimi and Yuyu! Congratulation!

Mimi and family.

Mimi and food!

Mimi and Alif.

Alif and family.

Next we had a golf outing where we met our juniors! Basically its like a freshmen meet except at the driving range, hit a few balls, chatted with some of the freshmen and after that, we went to vivocity for dinner. Took more pictures and had fun. Oh before this we had the JCC freshmen meet! Had a handing over ceremony which included a hand washing ceremony, no pictures though but we met Hui Ning, Rui Ying, Hui Li and h0rse! It was awesome!

Anthony! Our ex-president.

Benjamin! Our current president!


Graeme 'The Chink' Ching

Lastly, Darrell and Justin's Graduation! Went for more free food. As usual except this time, Murray, Marcus, Zhi Jie and some more joined. Went to snap a few quick shots of the graduates. After the food, we went to JCC clubroom where the celebrations continued!

Darrell and family.

Best shot ever. Looks like something straight from a spy film.

Real men take curry, not smokes.

Mad delinquents.

Anyway, this is the end of this post! More to come soon. I need to sleep or else I can't wake up tomorrow. School is awesome.

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