Thursday, May 13, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
ひヵる is watching you~
Hugs and kisses to my sexy lover.

I think I'm going crazy. I feel as if I'm about to crack. However, I promised myself I would see this through. I'm am going to have things go my way. I will not fail, I will not be denied of my ultimate glory. Been quite busy recently with all my work. School work, CCA activities,, RunSnipe and so on. My only consolation is my beloved Hikaru-sama. Looking at him makes me feel much better and more relaxed. I really don't know why when I tell people I like Hikaru-sama, they instantly get the impression of gay sex which is really irrelevant. I mean can't I have a romantic friendship? Does it mean when 2 guys get together, they must conduct a ritual of anal sex? I mean, if you think this way, you're obviously VERY shallow. Two people don't need to have sex to be in a relationship unless they are looking for a sexual relationship. Anyway, I just don't see why people like to question me about Hikaru-sama, like its a crime to like someone. If you can't love someone, don't disrupt me loving someone. Anyway, enough with the ranting. time to recap on some interesting events. So golf shall be today's topic. Since the commencement of my handicap lessons, I think I'm roughly halfway through the lessons. Will be getting my handicap as soon as I start playing on the course(Yeah, like I have the time and money to do so.). Been revising the basics, touching up on my swing so on and so forth so hopefully, I will be playing for Singapore Polytechnic. To end this post, why not some photos yeah?


SPGC's Promo Shot

Rae! Club Secretary!

Benjamin! Club President!

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