Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Asa from Iplehouse.
My latest dollfie crush. She looks so sophisticated and elegant.
However, I still want Jessica first and foremost!

Life is tiring. Really tiring. Lots of homework, club work and I need to find a job to sustain my expensive hobbies. I wish I can sell the random stuff in my room and else where around my house but no one seems to be interested in them. Anyway, more new items will be up soon so please visit the marketplace of Astrea for more good deals. Prices are not fixed by the way so if you welcome to ask for a better price. I still have to call the photo studio about the part-time job. Life can be so busy sometimes I wish I could be like Sakuya and stop or slow time down so that I can complete all the tasks to the best of my ability. I really need time to rest. I want pancakes too. Strange how I felt so sick of pancakes just 2 days ago and now I'm craving for McDonald's fresh hot pancakes. Anyway will post again soon, I hope to hit 12 blog posts this month so you can expect more from me.

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