Sunday, August 22, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
Oh my god, he's just so cute.
I am totally in love with him, I wish I could hug him.
Being together with him would be sweeter than a dessert buffet anyday.

My blog is not dead yet! I just haven't got the motivation to post recently. Its been a long two weeks for me. I went for ITP local training in school from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. , Monday to Friday. The lecturer from Pratt & Whitney was Lily Fu, a very nice lady. She came to teach us about Pratt & Whitney engines then on the last two days, we went for factory visits to two Pratt & Whitney Subsidiaries, Eagle Services Asia and TOS. Eagle Services was something like a service centre for P&W engines and TOS was in charge of repairing the turbine blades and vanes which were damaged. Yesterday was Natsumatsuri! I managed to get a candy apple this year too! Which was really lucky. Overall I had a wonderful time at Natsu with all the food and company. I really want to post more but I'm really lacking material so I have to stop here. But I promise to blog more in China where facebook is banned. I'll leave you all with some pictures I took since the last post.