Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today... Well actually yesterday, we played badminton! Many people went, lazy to list. we played for 3 hours until all wasted. Billy and I then went to beach road to eat! Billy's Black Pepper Pork Chops, had no pepper. HAHA. Now going to sleep zzz good night. Hopefully this blog doesn't die out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cycling today!

Today woke up like, erm.... EARLY to go cycling. Went to Parkway Parade to meet the gang, essentially, Ming Yang, Darren Ong, Joseph Ng, Gabriel, Wilson, Billy and Christopher. Billy was weird, me smsed me saying I will be late but then he wasn't. Dunno lor. I reach kinda early so I went to Borders to check out manga. Met Wilson, Chris and Gab at the bookshop. Then we felt hungry so went McDonalds. At Macs, i didn't buy anything because too expensive. Bill mat us at Macs. Passes Billy the CS 1.6. Then i went to the hawker centre to buy kway teow and mee. After i ate, we met the rest at the bustop nearby. Walked to east coast park and rented some bicycles(5 lar) for thise who don't have. I is not don;t have but i can't cycle to east coast. Too far. We cycled and cycled for like 2 hours then we reached Changi village. During the journey we stopped many many times for various reasons. Joe injured himself, his toe was bleeding abit. Most of them were pretty slow so we cycled in like 2 groups. Me, Darren, Chris and sometimes Billy, cycle in front. The rest were lagging behind. Ming Yang had to stay with them to guide them.When we reache Changi Village, Gab, Bill and Joe went to eat, the rest of us slack and take care of the bikes. I went to steal Bill and Joe food. Then we cycled back to East Coast. Me, Darren and Christopher cycled together at an average of 22km/h? In fact we were so fast, we had time to buy Burger King and eat finish when we reach back to the bike rental. Then we went to play L4D, again. Versus mode is fun, hahaha can be infected. Well, I tired liao lazy continue writing. Seeya next time.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Sugnei Road!

Today went to Sugnei Road junk shops, reach there at about 2.20pm. The sun was blazin' but when i reached i saw the most AWESOME place ever. The amount of random knick knacks they sold was huge. Everyone should go Sugnei road once to see. As i was walking, some uncle asked if i wanted to buy pornography.... My brain froze and i was like, don't want, dont want.... then later i met Ming Yang, then go walk again. Then we met Billy, Melvin and Marcus, then we walk again. We explored until 4p.m. then we went to Sim Lim Square to buy Billy's hard drive. Melvin went to get a screen protector for his phone. From there, we walk to Bugis and ended up walking in random circles.. interesting thing happened, the was a fire at Bugis, the fire fighting was EPIC FAIL, the hose was busted and got no water come out, hahahahahaha, in the end they used Fire Extnguishers to put out the blaze. Then went to play L4D! Now back home waiting for telly show!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

JQ's Blog Day 2

2nd Day of this blog.... today went to see where to futher my education after poly at Raffles College. Abit sian lah... small campus but the place was pretty neat. I want to go NUS or NTU or maybe oversea to do my university degree though. Watched finished Shakugan no Shana II, i hope got season 3 coz i really need to know what happened between Shana, Yoshida and Yuji! Gonna test my com's endurance tonight for the 1st time. Leaving it on the whole night to bittorrent. Today was pretty nich uneventful... haiz, i need something to do..... *sigh* going to sleep...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


The ONLY picture I could find of me on sgcafe. Heavy Weapons Guy isn't Heavy Weapons Guy without his weapon, I only got Sandvich. Shaved my head espcially for this because i couldn't get a bald cap. I hope i can finish Natascha soon, if not before Cosfest...........

Cosplay Challenge '09

Cosplay challange was fun.... Make a full complete costume myself... very tiring..
Well, ladies and gentlemen, these photos are the shots of me performing and I didn't I had to perform........
Gah, I look like an idiot.

Me and Kirk's gun

Ah, collected Kirk's AKSU-74 from Hexshot, my gun retailer. The gun feels flimsy, its not as nice as the AK-47. Well, it was a good deal for $18, Hex gave me 2 inter-changeable barrels and it was the last one left. Took it out for a spin the day we collected it. Check out Ming Yang's blog. His photos are better. This was taken by my computer webcam.....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Too free, so making a blog for fun...

*sigh*, cosplay challenge is over, now need to find something to keep me occupied... Next project, finishing Natascha for my Heavy Weapons Guys cosplay. I really need a bald cap, don't wish to shave bald again. Watching more anime, need inspiration for my next cosplay outfit. Give some ideas! I hope my course in Singapore Polytechnic the people are nice.... I pray that the don't think I'm a psycho/weirdo, coz I'm not... I don't know how to use a blog.... I want to put some pictures up...