Monday, February 9, 2009

Trip to Sugnei Road!

Today went to Sugnei Road junk shops, reach there at about 2.20pm. The sun was blazin' but when i reached i saw the most AWESOME place ever. The amount of random knick knacks they sold was huge. Everyone should go Sugnei road once to see. As i was walking, some uncle asked if i wanted to buy pornography.... My brain froze and i was like, don't want, dont want.... then later i met Ming Yang, then go walk again. Then we met Billy, Melvin and Marcus, then we walk again. We explored until 4p.m. then we went to Sim Lim Square to buy Billy's hard drive. Melvin went to get a screen protector for his phone. From there, we walk to Bugis and ended up walking in random circles.. interesting thing happened, the was a fire at Bugis, the fire fighting was EPIC FAIL, the hose was busted and got no water come out, hahahahahaha, in the end they used Fire Extnguishers to put out the blaze. Then went to play L4D! Now back home waiting for telly show!

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