Saturday, October 31, 2009

How I spent Halloween!

Yeah and so Halloween is over. Apparently costume parties were a RAGE! God knows how many costumed people I saw yesterday and it was weird. For those of you who are thinking "If JQ does cosplay, how is this weird??!?!", all I have to say is Halloween and cosplaying are totally different. Seriously. OK, so going back to what I did yesterday. Well, I went to collect MORE medicine after I lost the previous set SOMEWHERE. Rushed off to FCC committee meeting after that. Talked about SP open house, spices and some other stuff. Wrapped up around 3.30pm and we went to carrefour to buy drinks. Then Alan was talking to me about Bruce, the DMIT club President and how he was going to do a Micheal Jackson and say 'This is IT'. HAHAHA! Went to Fort Canning next to take pictures and this is what I generated.

Went for dinner at an indian restruant. Took some pictures of the candle.

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