Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yeah, and so the past week was pretty hectic. Had ALOT to do. On Wednesday, had dinner with the principal(Not kidding) at the Stock Pot down at Esplanade. Had a Leek & Onion soup, which I must say, was very nice. It was very peppery and flavourful but the price was a tad high if I had went alone. However, we were surprised when the principal had foot the whole bill. After the meal, we had a pretty long conversation with the principal. After that we left. Apparently, Alan was across the Stock Pot in a cookie museum where they had alot of funny flavoured cookies like Nasi Lemak. Went to a Hong Kong diner to eat more. Anyway, pictures of the soup.


Thursday was 8-5 day, damn sian is all I have to say. Did get 1 nice shot though.Faux Frozen

Friday was SMAE day. I learnt on Friday, that SMAE day is the MOST epic day in the SMAE year. During the show there was shouting, throwing of paper, but basically going nuts. During the buffet dinner, the seniors took the whole LT18A, literally brought in 1/2 the buffet and a container of fruit punch. Best buffet party ever.

Finally, yesterday, I went to watch 2012. Not the most epic end-of-the-world movie but seriously, The Day after Tomorrow was much better. Only thing nice about the show was the Arks(Yeah, I love technology). Anyway went to do photography after that and this was the result.
The churchlight

Down the Alley

Burnt Golden

Life after Dark

And to you all, if I am really emo and bastard, its because life is being a bitch to be and having just found out Hime Ichigo is disbanding on Dec 8th, I am on emo-overdrive.FML.
R.I.P <姫苺 Hime Ichigo(2004-2009)>
Loves to Jin, Reina, Suzuya, Jun and Ruka. Hope you reform soon! I can't live without you guys.

And lastly, I want to give more love to Ayaka, my dear. *hugs and kisses*

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