Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday, I went to Fort Canning for the 3rd consecutive week. Why? I'm too lazy to explain. Any the lighting was good, I brought my camera, therefore I went shooting.I like this photo. There's an autum feel to it even though its just the sunlight.

Another fake autum shot.

A lone flower blooming

Yeah, and so why I was at Fort Canning was for this sole reason. NERF! The gameplay today was simple, storm the 'hot gates'. Inspired by the movie 300, Hex decided that it would be fun to have a NERF war to re-enact the EPIC battle between the Spartans and the hordes of Asia. Objective, Spartans: Survive for 5 minutes. Persians: Eliminate the Spartans. Note, Persians were able to re-spawn, while Spartans? You only live once. As quoted from SgNerf:" At one point, it was literally raining darts." Must be refering to the scene in 300. Haha!
Storming the 'gates'.

NERF Operation: 300
The brave men who fought to defend the 'hot gates'.

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