Sunday, December 6, 2009


Its official, MSTs begin tomorrow. Beginning with Electrical Technology which is at 1330 hours. Realized, I've got many things to do after the MSTs, most importantly is EDITING AFA PICTURES! So far only edited 3 out of the 20-plus pictures. I hate studying for tests. It means my other things are put on hold and this usually causes backlog(Which I really hate by the way). Hope this week passes okay, then its the holidays. Expecting a moderate amount of work to settle from CCAs and certain modules. Need to finish my club registration. Argh! So many things to do, so little time, not to mention money. Anyway before I go back to studying, I'll post a preview of my AFA shoot.
Youmu just being pretty, REALLY pretty.

Nextly, I want to say Bou is love and Bou is sexy as well. So loveable, kissable and huggable.

Ayaka, my baby, I haven't forgotten about you. Love you lots and want to cuddle you till the sun sets between us. I wish we were together.

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