Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry X'mas to you all! EOY is tomorrow! Totally NOT prepared for it. My 580EXII(FYI, that's my camera flash) is in service. OK anyway past few days were pretty random and not to mention tiring, yesterday was baking cookie for Luca, modding Darren and my Maverick, Wednesday sent my 580EXII to service and attempted to get my Nokia N85 repaired. Note attempted which means my phone is still in service and I have lost ALL my contacts so contacting me without mentioning to me who you are is not going to work because I'm using a spare phone. Bought Ryan a X'mas gift too. Tuesday was at Singapore Flyer doing a photoshoot with Shun An and friends. Sat on the flyer too. They are having a student promotion I think? $10 per entry. Will be posting photos of the shoot later in the post. Went to dinner with Keith, Ting Chen and Auntie Jean. Ate chilli and pepper crabs(Both were spicy) and had yogurt ice-cream for desert? Now we shall put pictures of the SHOOT!

Taken in mid-air~




In lieu of X'mas

Singapore's Next Top band

Aww, so sweet.

Another possible album cover.

Shun An got the mystery look!

Must be something interesting.

They all got addicted to jump-shots.

Some One Piece thing.

Mafia Family

Another sweet shot~

Couple shot~

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