Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Its been awhile since I posted anything substantial. Well, I hope this is substantial. Firstly, there was SP Open House '10. Basically, we're supposed to show the good side of coming to Singapore Polytechnic and distorting the workload by only displaying the CCAs. Helped on Day 2 with FCC(Food Connoisseur Club) and Day 3 with JCC(Japanese Cultural Club). I had lessons before helping FCC but all we did in ONOW(Our Nation, Our World) was play puzzle games, which was pretty fun.

Fahmi(Mimi), Yu Ker(Yuyu), Alif and the other involved in the project(Loli catch frog). SPINNOVEX Gold! Congratz!

Playing mind puzzles

At FCC's booth. Only Ryan is prepared for the shot. Billy acting damn gay as usual.

Yang Yang and Luca. Yangyang act surprise fail and Luca and her 'What the hell?!' Hahaha!

Then the last Friday, my class DARE/1A/25 went for beach cleaning at West Coast Park, however, we played more than actually pick up rubbish. Mr Teng, our ONOW lecturer sponsored McDonald's Big Breakfast for everyone.

Playing on the flying foxes. I think it most of them were at West Coast Park for the 1st time.

Class Shot!

Class Shot Again!

Had a CRS test the same day, very tiring. Ending the post now with one of my favorite J-Rockers, Hikaru from D=OUT. I screenshot this from D=OUT's Shangri La's PV. Damn noob-ish.
So damn cute! Want to huggles.

He has the sexiest eyes ever.

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