Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tutorial 2 - Decisive Moment(Black & White)

Pause in the hustle and bustle
Taken from a distance, focus is drawn to the man in the middle who is taking a nap on the bench by the light shining on him. The ceiling and floors add the dimension of depth.

The young boy in the picture was running along the mall when I snapped this picture in which his joy and excitement was captured.

Cat's smile
It took me awhile for the cat to let me come close enough to take this photo. And while I was taking the shot, the cat blinked resulting in this shot. A large aperture and fast shutter speed
caused a nice background blur.

Going home
This shot was taken quite late in the evening when I was going home. I found the lighting to be quite beautiful in bringing out the simplicity of this shot.

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