Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hikaru from D=OUT's Hanasaku Beauty.
He looks really beautiful in this picture. I really want to hug him. .
My heart melted when I saw him in Hanasaku Beauty.
If only girls were this beautiful or took the time to look as pretty as him.
Hikaru-sama! Will you be my valantine?

Happy Chinese New Year to all who will view this. Wishing all of you 恭喜发财,万事如意。身体健康,龙马精神。So, in this post, I want to post some pictures on my long journey home since I forgot my EZ-Link card. It was very tiring with the sun scorching on your back and carrying a field pack(My camera, laptop, canteen and other random school stuff). Anyway, exams are next week. Not a very exciting Chinese New Year for me this year. I do hope next year Singapore Polytechnic re-adjusts their timetable. Going to sleep early, tomorrow is day 2 of the Chinese New Year, hopefully the intake will be good. I also had a good day in Team Fortress 2. I managed to find a Direct Hit(Soldier) and Natascha(Heavy). Anyway, wishing one and all a very happy Lunar New Year and all th best in the year of the tiger. All the photos below are NOT photoshopped. The flowers below are for all the girls who read this. Happy Valantine Day!

I don't know what flower is this but I think its very beautiful with the bokeh.

Field of flowers. Very messy but I quite like this photo.

Morning Glory. Again the bokeh increases the beauty of the flower.

Long road home.

Self-portrait using a mirror.

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