Tuesday, July 27, 2010


ダウト and their new look for Psychedelico∞Psychedelico (サイケデリコ∞サイケデリコ)
L-R:ひヵる(My love), 玲夏, 幸樹, ミナセ, 威吹
I really like their new clothes.
They look damn sexy in it and all their hairstyles are to die for.

Okay, its been a really long time since I blogged but nothing much has really occured to me other than the fact that I have alot of school work, I'm really tired and my best form of entertainment is playing Team Fortress 2. I have to drag myself literally out of my bed everyday just to go to school because I have absolutely NO mood to. But today, as in literally 27th July 2010, I had the best maths lecture since I came to Singapore Polytechnic. The lecturer was EPIC. Really. He made the lesson interesting plus he was funny. First time this semester I haven't slept in maths lecture. Anyway, the second part of this post is to clear some photos from Cosfest. Yes, I am damn slow, I know. July is already ending. Well, better late than never, I guess?

By the way, I also don't believe in watermarking my photos because
1) My photos aren't good enough and I still have a long way to go
2)Its basically ugly
So, if you want to use my photos, please do credit back. Thank you alot!

Chibi's caterpie makes the entrance!

Chibi(The caterpie) and her caterpie plush(She made it herself)

Felicia as an America from Axis Powers: Hetalia

Shun An as Roselia(Pokemon)


Caterpie used Hyper Beam!

Aoi Nagisa cosplay, I never thought I would see this


More to come! Keep on watching!

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