Saturday, July 10, 2010


イヴ from ViViD
I think he looks awesome and very cute.
Kind of like a male visual kei Tsumugi(K-On!).
I still love my Hikaru though!

Ok this is post-Cosfest week. Really, all I can say is the Monday after Cosfest is like waking up after dreaming you won a million dollars and realizing you have nothing. You just feel sad and empty. But right now, I'm totally looking forward to the upcoming cosplay events and especially next year's Cosfest. In my opinion, Cosfest is the most EPIC event every year and I always look forward to the following year's Cosfest. I also realize I meet more and more people each year which is of course, awesome. In the week, I also managed to complete my CATIA and Mechanics online quiz. I personally find this a miracle and an act of god. I wanted to post ALL of Cosfest photos at the same time but I believe it will be awhile because I'm slow and I have alot to edit(I'm still learning so some might suck). So, here are day one photos... Stay tuned for day two...

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