Thursday, April 23, 2009

Activities from the past few days!

Well, it has been a pretty busy few days with classes and all. I learned that buying from the Popular at foodcourt 5 are for people who just either damn brave, or just plain stupid. Also found out that some people in my class still play Maplestory. Seriously, what the..... Anyway, I tried installing AutoCAD(some design software), but to no avail. I will be trying again later. I still have no idea what colour scheme I should go for with my Longshot. If you do have a serious suggestion, please feel free to leave a tag at my tagbox. Anyways, I am beginning to warm up to my fellow classmates although I still do not understand much of the things they are saying. I also ordered my dustcoat today. Apprently, they do not stock XL, so I have to order 1st and collect later. On a happy note, I wish to announce that I have acheived my rank of Grandmaster in MouseHunt! Will be going to another NERF war this saturday. Well this will be all for now, my next post will come soon.

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