Sunday, April 19, 2009

The past week, which i seriously did not like alot.

Well, the past week was officially my 1st week of poly. Monday was interesting, woke up one hour earlier than I normally would during the holidays to get to school. The whole MM(Mechanical and Manufacturing) freshmen cohort were shoved into the SP auditorium for some speeches and performances. Later, we were sorted into our classes, mine being DARE/FT/1B/25. Second day was SPICE training. Went to SP to meet up with Billy and Ryan for lunch. Met up with a couple of other people as well. After SPICE training we went bowling. Surprisingly, i achieved 2 strikes in a row. Wednesday, was when i went out for modification works on my Longshot. Couldn't find a similar spring as the one they had in the Longshot, so I decided to 'think out of the box' and put a second spring in. Thursday, was SP Flag Day. It was horrible. The only good part of the day was then end when the SP people(Billy, Ryan, Keith, Ming En and Myself) met up with Eugene from Republic Polytechnic for steamboat buffet! Basically spent the whole time trying to convince Eugene to transfer to SP. The only other thing I enjoyed was watching 'Lord of War'. A very enjoyable film which i would recommend all to watch. However, do note that the movie is rated M18. Next week, I hope to better connect with my classmates.

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