Monday, April 13, 2009

Orientation Day 1

Today was officially my 1st day as a student of Singapore Polytechnic. My class is DARE/FT/1B/25. Well, I hoped that it would be better at poly but its seems that its no different than at Maris Stella.My class has 20 guys and 0 gals. Yeah people thats right, you heard me 0 gals. Means the boy:girl ratio is 1:0. Anyway the programme was kinda cool and it seems that my camp-mate, Zaid, is in the same class as me. At least I know someone in my new class. Backtrack to yesterday, i went to my 1st official NERF war! HELL YEAH! Played using my new Longshot CS-6, I'm going have to modify it though, the more experienced players have Longshots with 3 times my range. Going to do a complete paint job as well. My Longshot CS-6

Team nerfSG

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