Saturday, April 10, 2010


ひヵる(Hikaru) from ダウト(D=OUT)
Oh my god, he looks so sexy. I want him now.
Look at his eyes! Do want! SEXY!
Totally love his hair too.

Ah, today was another long day. Inclusive of yesterday, I am one very, very tired "Uncle Choo". Yesterday had a mass CCA meeting where they were discussing the CCA showcase and clubroom discussion. Represented SPFCC together with Unker, Alvin and Elaine. Alvin left half-way due to ITP and therefore it was reduced to Unker, Elaine and myself. We had to vote on the future of the foodcourt 3 clubhouse area so we voted for the open cubicle concept. Yes, clubrooms of the future will be cubicles. How sad. Stayed in the clubroom for abit and watched Qubic conduct an oragami workshop. Took the 6 kilos of charcoal in the clubroom. And so why was I taking charcoal home? Well, we had a cookout at my house. Billy and Ryan were late to buy the food. Lots of food for the party. Met the two at 4p.m. and off we went shopping for the food. Bought chicken, pork, sausages, sweetcorn, et cetra et cetra. As we shopped, Graeme and Darren joined us and helped us. Went to pay for the stuff, total bill was $120. I paid $50 and Darren paid the rest. As we were leaving, Eileen joined us for the festivities. She helped us move the stuff over to my house. We did the preparation for the cookout. Jamie arrived sometime later and she 'helped' in the preparations. Darrell and Mikan came next. Got Darrell to move the car out of the porch. Darren took a ride in the car, he seemed to enjoy it. Both Darren and Darrell. So the party continued. Massive thanks to everyone for coming and helping clean up. Thank you all. Slept and went golf today at Marina Bay. The greens were really tough. My drive was to the right and my short game was lousy. I need more practice. I'm going to sleep now. Really tired. Good bye for now, will blog again soon. Promise.

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