Monday, April 5, 2010


Its time to clear up some of the past month's events but first, a recap of the easter weekend. Friday was relax in the morning, emergency JCC meeting in the afternoon and drinking party at Keith's place in the evening. Saturday was chore day in the morning. Went to velocity to eat ramen for lunch. Ramen monster is not nice. The soup base is horrid and the char siew is hard and dry. I give it a rating of poor. Sunday was basically watching the 2010 Petronas Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix and eating.

Ramen Monster

Shop decor

Monster Ramen. The thing was big but not tasty.

Sleeping kitty

Same kitty, chilling at the drinks stall.
Moving on to some of my recent shoots, firstly the Jamie shoot. Jamie was our willing model for this shoot and so here we go!

Decoration at the esplanade



Flowers along the roof of the esplanade.


Advertising for Tourism Singapore.

More flowers.

Visit Singapore 2010~

Next, we went for a Doggie photoshoot. We helped a Clubsnapper do a photoshoot for her chihuahua as well as fill our portfolio. Here are some pictures from the shoot.

And finally, a very random shot which I find very beautiful.

Knight of the roses.

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