Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today, I collected my G51Jx-A1 from ASUS and I took many photos of my new darling. Oh she's such a beauty. All the extra lights and random shenanigans.

Yes, I was at Akibanana today. Today, I ordered Mixed Fruit Tea. We(basically, Darrell, Justin and myself) were served by Mikan-sama. Two teaspoons of sugar, thank you. Darrell redeemed a ADDICTION for Justin. Whats ADDICTION? Well, its deep fried salted chicken skin. Very unhealthy indeed. Also before Akibanana, was at Maxwell food centre. I ate good chicken rice, the rice was nice and tasty and surprisingly not oily, the chicken was very tender. I would give the meal an 8 out of 10. Though it was slightly expensive. Back to Akibanana, the mixed fruit tea is indeed an interesting choice. When Mikan-sama first poured the tea, it was pink. 10 minutes later, it was 2 shades darker. Progressively, the tea turned from pink to deep red. Awesome tea. Next time, I will try Earl Grey?

After leaving Akibanana, we went to satisfy our ramen cravings. 7 North Canal road. It took 3 guys almost 30mins to find one ramen shop. We walked and walked till we reached out destination. Hot and sticky. We ordered three bowls of ramen, one salt, one soy-sauce and one miso. went home after that. More pictures of my G51Jx-A1.

Last picture includes my beloved Hikaru from the SUNRISE PV!

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