Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today, I went to a maid cafe for the first time in my life. It was Darrell's idea to bring me there along with Darren, Alvin, Jordan, Justin, Unker, Ken and Ken's friend. Yes, I liked it. I'm not going to deny. The place was very pink. Very, very pink. Almost as pink as my blog. Maybe even more pink... Anyway, I have to say, I absolutely adore the interior decor. Pink drapes, pink sofa, heart-shaped pink pillows, pink chairs with furry ears, optic fibre lamp(Loves it) and lots of other beautiful decor. Today, we were served by Yui-san(Maid) and Felser-san(Butler). Firstly, we were served with strawberry-flavoured water(Very nice) and a cold towel(Very nice too).

Strawberry-flavoured water.

Cold towel.

Moving on to ordering, basically, Darren and I were lured to the maid cafe because we heard there was a 1-for-1 beer promotion, which wasn't going to happen. Anyway since we were already there, we decided to just drink. The menu was very nice too. I liked it alot. It was frilly and pink! Anyway, moving back to the main story, Darrell, Darren, Unker and I decided to share a jug, which meant a mug for each of us. Alvin and Justin got Flower Sodas. Ken and Jordan got Gummy Sodas. I don't know what are Flower Sodas but from what I see, they look like carbonated water with syrup and longans(No flowers). Then there was the gummy sodas which were soda water(presumably) and a mini-cupful of gummy candies for you to throw in. Then came the beer. Felser-san came to serve the beer, unfortunately I guess she didn't have much experience, she spilt some of it. Yui-san came over to save the day!(Sounds very lame but not that I really care) Felser-san, we forgive you! We understand completely! Anyway, when we tasted the beer, we were utterly disgusted. It was sour. The worst a beer could possibly taste. Anyway, we explained that the beer tasted funny and so they told us that they would not be charging us for it. Personally, I was hoping for something more but on the bright side we didn't have to pay 39 dollars for that jug of beer. Then we decided to order something else. Darrell went with a Spicy Japanese Cola while I took a Super Enhanced Cola. To supplement the cola, we got an Elephant to share. We actually planned to order a Bird's Nest but we were informed by Felser-san that they didn't have that. Darrell then asked her what did they have and so they only thing they had was the Elephant. Spicy Japanese Cola was basically Coca-Cola with wasabi, Darrell took a sip and said it wasn't spicy enough so Felser-san added more wasabi until it suited his taste which is proabably god-like. Super Enhanced Cola was Coca-Cola with sugar solution? I'm not sure myself but it was very sweet(I liked it alot). Next was the much anticipated Elephant! Actually it was just an oriental sausage wrapped in bacon and coated with Japanese breadcrumbs. It came with 2 toothpicks in which cherry tomatoes were stuck.

Sample of one of the toothpicks.

It was actually quite nice and tasty. Sitting down for almost 2 hours took its toll and I decided to visit the loo. It was pink too. Wonderful. After finishing my business, I decided to take a souviner. Only the people who were at Akibanana know what I took. Not sharing with my readers for now. I decided not to waste the beer and chugged my mug along with Unker's. Unker had to leave early because he had reservist training. It was horrid but who wastes beer. Before we left, Jordan decided to have Yui-san feed him his matcha cheesecake(This service costs money for those who are thinking its free). We were requested to fill in a survey form and I asked if we could leave our mark in the guest book before leaving. Hope to see you soon Felser-san and Yui-san! After moving off from the cafe we visted Maxwell food centre for more food. Oyster biscuit, sweet potato pastery and so on. My final destination was Darren's house. We went to visit Darren's dog Ah De and my was he lively. he kept on licking Justin and I played with him. After that, I went home and started posting this. I'm not posting any J-Rocker's picture because I'm not using my own computer and I'm also lazy to find a nice one so I'll post one another time. I'm also suprised at the speed I'm blogging this few days...

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