Friday, March 5, 2010


ダウト(D=OUT) and their latest look from CARNIVAL浮世.
They look so awesome even with simple visual kei outfits.

And so today we celebrated our glorious leader's graduation from Singapore Polytechnic. Elaine and the rest of the FCC people decided to throw a 'surprise' graduation party for Darrell and the rest of the FCC seniors. Its was held at Grill@Moberly. Me, being the totally crazy nutcase, decided to walk to school, at 12noon, when the sun was oh so high up in the sky, blazing down on Earth. I hope I got tanner at least. When I got there, I went straight to JCC clubroom to drop off my stuff and things like that. Then I went to the celebration. However as it turned out, Darrell was absent from the festivities and he was only headed to the celebrations when I went for the JCC committee meeting.Fast-forwarding the meeting and rejoining the festivities, we ate alot of satay, noodles(very nice), garlic bread and all your usual barbecue food. Yummy. Anyway, I want to wish Darrell and the rest of my seniors all the best in their future endevours and come back and visit us ever so often!

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