Friday, March 12, 2010


Hime Ichigo from re:alice
L-R: Jin, Reina, Suzuya, Jun, Ruka
I love their outfits. They are always so pretty.

And so over the weekend, I had a packed schedule to keep me occupied from the morning all the way to the night. On saturday, I went on a photoshoot with Chibi(Nette) and the gang. We went to Punggol Beach for the shoot. So I woke up pretty late on the day itself and was late by about and hour(Sorry to the gang). When I arrived at Punggol, it felt like a totally different country. Seriously, it is in the middle of nowhere. Houses there are sparse and there was flat grassland EVERYWHERE. Waited for the cosplayers to do their thing, basically make-up, wear wig and that kind of things. Meanwhile, chatted with Clinton about stuff while waiting. Oh yeah, Clinton was on his first cosplay photoshoot so it was a pretty new experiece for him. After the cosplayers did their thing, we set off for Punggol Beach. Took a walk to the bus stop and then waited for a bus to Punggol Beach. Punggol Beach is like some super deserted beach. Basically, the main feature is a single jetty. There is also a police station, vending machine, ice-cream man(Yes, I felt he was a landmark there) and a beach. It was a worderful place for a photoshoot personally. There were many different scenes and the sky was just very different not your usual bright blue sky. There was the beach, rocky outcrops, some undergrowth and grass patches. Therefore different pictures to play with. For this occasion, I also managed to borrow Darrell's Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. The lens was wonderful. Though I was mostly shooting between f/2.2 and f/2.8, the lens still gave me an outstanding depth-of-field. The autofocus was quite good but wasn't perfect. I had a few out-of-focus shots but mostly still salvagable. I think I have fallen completely in love with fast prime lenses. They are such wonderful pieces of equipment. Anyway, I will be posting some pictures later in this post.

Today, Clinton and I went to Black-Technology at Bedok for a NERF tounament. No pictures this time because I was participating. Game style was a 3-on-3 team deathmatch. Points were counted per game won. My team consisted of Clinton, Zinv and myself. We finished 4th or 5th amongst the 7 teams with 2 wins and 4 losses. Not bad I would say since its been a long while since I last went for a war. It was pretty exciting thoughout except I wasn't very comfortable using Zinv's Raider as I was not used to the way of firing the weapon. The weather was very hot and now my skin is like red. Probably sunburnt but I had a great time so its all cool. Kenji came over to my house today to collect his bow. We sat down and talked for quite long. He was pretty interested in some of my house's random items. Especially the pogo stick(Yes, I own one). Okay, will be stopping here for now. I feel that this month will be filled with posts so stay tuned.

Shun An's Bag taken at a colour temperature of 10000K

It was a blustery day.

Staring at something.

Gift of flowers.

Into the wind.

Deep in thought.



Shall I shoot?



Far out, far away.

The storm approaches.

A gift from me to you.

Evening stroll.

Beyond the skies.

Devious plot.

Above and beyond.

The morning after.


Staring at the sun.

Happy thoughts.

Into the sky.

Black skies.

Behind the grass.

Chibi's pretty bow.

The gang.


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