Thursday, April 29, 2010


ひヵる from ダウト
He is my goddess. Totally in love with him.
♥ひヵる, my love♥

Hello! I'm back again! This time with photos from the first week of Year 2 at Singapore Polytechnic! The first two weeks of poly has been really hectic, tiring and not to mention confusing. Class has been really tough so far. I guess I need to up my game again this semester but I'm sure the Marist blood which runs within me will prevail against all odds. Prepared for CCA drive(which is currently on-going, tomorrow is the last day) with FCC and JCC. Got roped in for golf as well. Manned the golf booth on Wednesday with Graeme. It was kind of a slow day(its golf, how many people do you expect to join 200?) so I stared at pictures of Jessica from Iplehouse to reinforce my will to save enough money to buy her. Classes are mostly aircraft-related now. Aircraft Structures and Repairs, Aircraft Maintenance Practice, Aircraft Electronics and Instrumentation Systems and CATIA. The others are common modules which I guess the other courses in the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering take as well. Its really sad though, but our class got divided. Reuben, Wei Nan and Chin Kang got moved to class 26 but otherwise the rest of the class are all still together. This semester's lecturers are pretty nice except for one who is totally anal. Pretty much sums up what I'm doing now. Looking for a job too. I need to supplement my spendings and saving to buy my doll and camera lenses. So this is a wrap for now, see you in the next blog post!

Now for some more 'artistic' shots.

P.S. I really do love ひヵる. I love him with all my heart. If you are a homophobe or something similar please don't complain or anything if you still want to be friends.

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