Friday, April 16, 2010


exist†trace from Funeral Bouquet
L-R: Miko, Naoto, Jyou, Omi and Mally
Jyou is so damn beautiful. Plus her voice is awesome. Ultimate combination.

Okay, so basically the past week involved alot of 'cooking'. Why cooking? The reason lies in the barbeque I organized. There was alot of left over food. Cleared half of the chicken thighs, all the basa fish and some sausages. I made fried fish from the fish fillets with a little batter. does anyone want to try some? My parents are back from Shanghai. They bought me two pairs of shoes to replace my current pair which are probably in simple terms, worn.

1st pair

Huggy and Arial are curious~

2nd pair

Arial trying on my new shoes.

Currently preparing my photos for submission for SYPA 2010. Will post the finalized photos later. Right now its back to work so I'll see you all soon.

Listening to: exist†trace - JUDEA

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